This week we're looking at 'Trap Doors', how we create them - sometimes unwittingly - and how we can trip ourselves up in early recovery as a result. ...View Details

If drug and alcohol use are repeatedly condemned, especially in a public way, what is the likely reaction of today's teenagers? The same as any other ...View Details

This week, we're looking at stigma, marginalisation and how the public perception of the addict/alcoholic (particularly when imagined as 'the other' o...View Details

This week we're looking some of the choices we make, both in addiction and in early recovery; we also look at the consequences. We have the second par...View Details

This week, we look at how young people are affected by addiction, how they may or may not access treatment and the reasons why. We explore some more d...View Details

This week we're looking at organisation and time management. We're also talking about provision and funding for detox and treatment, and we find more ...View Details

This week we're talking about the effects of addiction on our mental health and how it is (or isn't) addressed in recovery. We also look at how our co...View Details

This week we're looking at detox and rehabilitation, at what is available, how it can be accessed and at some of the issues surrounding its provision....View Details

When dealing with addiction and its consequences (to the individual and to society), is treatment a better solution than punishment? We're also lookin...View Details

This week, we're joined by Russell Brand and Changes UK's CEO Steve Dixon. We're talking about addiction and just about everything it entails.

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